How do you sell a location without it being super obvious? This has to be one of my favorite campaigns I have done to date. It was challenging, brought me out of my comfort zone and explored different options of colors, graphics and images. 

I manipulated ASPHO’s logo to showcase what Pittsburgh is mostly known for…their bridges! With the iconic yellow being the focal point for this spring conference and using bright colors for web graphics to make this conference really stand out. Not to mention a pattern of Pittsburgh itself in the background to add a slight textured element to tie it all together.

This campaign gives ASPHO a variety to choose from. They can use images for brochures or postcards but also use a pattern graphic for web banners, ads, and as a design element. The flexibility this campaign has sets you up for success because the logo is strong enough to be recognizable.

I can’t wait to see all these pieces be used throughout the next year for ASPHO 2022!

*all images for this campaign are showcased for style guide mockup purposes. All images will be purchased for proper usage on an as need basis.
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